RETHINKING Education in India
07th February 2024
Hotel Lalit, New Delhi
Any education company , by the era in which we now live, an EdTech company. And today, any educator, learner, or leader is at least a nascent technologist. Billions of dollars have been invested in this future, and we will no doubt invest billions more. Technology is changing the job market, and it's only natural that we find new ways of determining who the right fit for those jobs is. Edtech is poised to be the biggest and possibly most profitable digitalized sector yet. The Indian Education Awards recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. The awards shine a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders and innovative trendsetters across the country. The awards will identify, showcase and recognize the world's most promising EdTech businesses of the year. From free e-learning platforms that democratize higher education to online homework help communities, EdTech start-ups of all stripes are popping up across India and pushing the ecosystem to the next level.
Award Objectives
The objective of Indian Education Awards 2024 is to recognize the Educators & Innovators who have excelled in genuinely innovative products & solutions with a clear focus on transforming education.
  • To promote and motivate the best Education brands
  • To add value to those businesses that go beyond their set roles to transform education
  • To set benchmarks of consistency in customer service excellence
  • To highlight New innovation and leadership in Indian Education sector
Our Jury
EDTech x Indian Education Congress In Numbers
  • 350+
  • 2011
    Inception of the Show
  • 900+
    Thought Leaders
  • 5500+
Awards Schedule
  • Nominations Open:
  • January 2024
  • Nominations Close:
  • 31st January 2024
  • Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Party:
  • 07th February 2024
Benefits Of The Awards
  • mic Marketing Exposure EDTech x Indian Education Congress & Awards will be attended by policymakers, industry experts, and visionaries from across the nation. Senior-level executives of education companies will share insights about the latest innovations and explore growth opportunities in the Indian education industry.
  • network New Opportunities A unique opportunity to network with colleagues, thought leaders in education and exchange ideas and information on the latest trends and developments. Gain actionable insights on multiple facets of the Indian education ecosystem.
  • share Customer Growth EDTech x Indian Education Congress & Awards will bring together the public and private sectors, academia, industry and the investment community to discuss how to accelerate the deployment of Indian Education sector. The forum will enable frank and open discussion of competing ideas, mapping and meeting future demand for technology in education, the growth of edu-tech in India (and beyond).
  • trophy Recognition EDTech x Indian Education Congress & Awards is a one-of-a-kind even bringing together the leaders in the Indian Education industry, with unique awards that recognize and celebrate the achievements and innovations of companies in the Indian Education sector.
EDTECH X INDIAN Education Awards

Indian Education Awards are the most prestigious awards that recognize excellence in education sector. Awardees will receive national recognition and will be termed as best education entities in the country.

  • EDTech Awards
    The Award aims to recognize people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.
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  • Early Education Awards
    The Award aims to recognize Preschools that has incorporated outstanding education quality
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  • Higher Education Awards
    Recognizing the Higher Education Institutes/Universities/Colleges for their outstanding contributions in Offline & Online education
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  • Skill Learning Awards
    Recognizing institutes who are meeting up skill requirements with real time modules, learning solutions & enabling employment
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  • Individual Awards
    Recognizing the most Innovative & Exceptional Founders of EDTECH/Education brand for his Entrepreneurial and scale up skills
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  • Coaching & Tutoring Awards
    Honoring the best in coaching and tutoring business.
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LAST DATE OF NOMINATIONS - 15th January 2024
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