• Best Employability AwardCompanies that can clearly demonstrate a link between their courses and improved employability outcomes, should nominate in this category
  • Emerging product or service for home based learning All online education companies should nominate in this category.
  • Best career planning PlatformAny career counselling brand in India should nominate for this category
  • Best STEM Solution for K12 Any STEM service company who deals in K12 education , can nominate here.
  • Best e-booksAll eBook publishing company can nominate for this category
  • Best Mobile Learning application of the year Companies that provide learning solutions through application can nominate (Early Learning / Primary / Secondary and Senior Secondary).
  • Best college prep PlatformAny entrance/coaching institute providing entrance exam services can apply in this category
  • Best Tutoring SolutionWe are recognizing the brand who are given tutoring solutions in private/government sector.
  • EdTech Deployment of the YearCompany providing online learning solution can nominate here.
  • Overall e-Learning Solution of the Year – K12 Any EdTech company who expanded themselves in K12 sector can nominate.
  • Best Data or learning analytics solution provider Companies that help publishers and EdTech organizations transform learners experience through analytical driven solutions.
  • Best robotics (for learning, education) solutionInstitutes specializing in Robotic education can nominate.
  • Best online learning management platformCompanies with most user friendly and effective platform -to both keep assignment grades and simultaneously deliver feedback to students, can nominate in this category
  • Emerging technology solutionAll Tech company into education services can nominate for this category
  • Digital EdTech Pioneer of the year Any company specializing in digital EdTech can nominate.
  • Best Test Prep Solution / Platform of the Year Best Test Prep Solution / Platform of the Year( Gov. Exam/Professional Courses/Skill Learning )
  • EdTech Deployment of the Year (HigherEd)EdTech company who expanded themselves in higher education sector can nominate.
  • EdTech Startup of the YearEdTech company started after 2016 can nominate in this category
  • Best Classroom Tech Solution of the YearAny company which provide services to schools or institutions can apply.
  • Best EdTech Innovation of the year EdTech platform that is based on new ideas and products.
  • Best use of Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) has a wide range of applications across various fields, and its best use depends on the specific context and goals.
  • Best Personalised LearningPersonalized learning involves tailoring educational experiences to meet the individual needs, interests, and learning styles of students.
  • Best Corporate Training Platform Companies who are active in corporate / professional training programs should nominate here.
  • Best Publication of the YearTo find the best publication of the year, consider checking reputable sources in your specific field of interest. Journals, magazines, and organizations often recognize outstanding publications in various domains.
  • Best Publication Housing of the Year (National / Regional)To identify the best publication housing in a given year, consider checking reputable awards in the journalism industry, such as the Pulitzer Prizes, National Magazine Awards, or regional journalism awards.
  • Emerging Publication Housing of the YearKeep an eye on journalism and media awards that may have categories for recognizing emerging or innovative publications.
  • Innovative use of technology Platform using new technologies and new inventions.
Early Education Awards
  • Best Online Children’s Learning (by a Pre School)Pre Schools that provide online learning can nominate.
  • Best Faculty Development for Pre SchoolThe Award aims to recognize a Standalone Preschool that has incorporated outstanding education quality
  • Standalone Pre-school of the year ( National / Regional )The Award aims to recognize a Standalone Preschool that has incorporated outstanding education quality
  • Best Edutainment ProgramReward the best entertainment led education program
  • Best Emerging Pre School of the Year ( National / Regional )Check for local or regional education awards that recognize outstanding preschools. These awards often highlight excellence in education and may include categories for emerging or new institutions.
  • Best Pre School Chain of the Year ( National / Regional )Look for national or regional educational awards that recognize outstanding preschool chains. Awards often consider factors such as educational innovation, teaching methods, and overall quality.
K12 Education Awards
  • Excellence and Innovation in Online TeachingRecognizes outstanding and creative use of appropriate educational technologies to teach online in K12 education
  • Best Faculty Development for Teaching (On Campus / Online)Those schools can nominate who have ran some faculty development programs to increase efficiency of their educators for online education.
  • K12 School Chain of the Year ( National / Regional )The Award aims to recognize a K12 chain that has carved outstanding education quality in all its schools with uniformity in education delivery.
  • Standalone School of the Year ( National / Regional )Recognize the Peak performing Standalone School delivering high levels or making significant improvements in achievement.
  • Best Emerging School of the Year ( National / Regional )Designating the best emerging school can be subjective and may depend on various factors, including academic performance, innovative programs, facilities, and community involvement.
  • Best Use of TechnologyDetermining the "best use of technology" can be subjective and depends on the context, industry, and specific goals.
  • Teaching Excellence Award
Higher Education Awards
  • Most Emerging Higher Education Institute of the YearEmerging higher education institution lesser than 5 years old in Medical/Engineering/Management field
  • Best University giving online degreeUniversities who are running online education courses can apply
  • University of the Year (National/ Regional)The designation of the best university can vary based on different criteria, including academic reputation, research output, faculty quality, and student satisfaction.
  • Institute offering best certification coursesLook for institutes with a strong reputation in the field and relevant accreditation. Accredited programs are often recognized for meeting certain quality standards.
  • Institute with best placementDetermining the institute with the best placement can vary depending on factors such as the specific field of study, industry demands, and individual career goals.
  • Best College of the Year ( BBA/Bcom/ BA/Bsc )Check reputable academic rankings that rank colleges based on various factors. Some well-known rankings include QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education, and national or regional rankings.
  • Institute of the Year (National / Regional) Medical / Engineering / Management / Hotel Management / LawDetermining the "Institute of the Year" in various categories such as Medical, Engineering, Management, Hotel Management, and Law can be subjective and dependent on specific criteria.
  • Best Education Consultancy of the Year (Domestic/Study Abroad)Look for consultancies with a solid reputation in the field. Check reviews, testimonials, and ratings from students who have used their services.
  • Teaching Excellence Award
Skill Learning Awards
  • Best Skill Learning InstituteMeeting up skill requirements with real time modules & learning solutions, enabling employment
  • Rural Skill LearningUnderstand the specific needs and demands of the local community. This could involve conducting surveys or needs assessments to identify the skills that would be most beneficial.
  • Best Online Skill Learning PlatformKeep in mind that the popularity and effectiveness of these platforms can vary based on individual preferences, the type of skills you're looking to acquire, and the industry you're interested in.
Individual Awards
  • Education Entrepreneur of the Year / Edupreneur of the YearLeading by example & innovative business ideas
  • EdTech CEO of the YearProfessional and Exceptional CEO of any EdTech organization can nominate
  • Online Teaching Excellence AwardThis will be awarded to individual Educationist for demonstrating the curriculum and teaching methodologies in the new digital learning scenario
  • Lifetime Achievement AwardA lifetime achievement award is a prestigious honor given to individuals who have made significant and enduring contributions to a particular field or industry over the course of their career.
Coaching & Tutoring Awards
  • Coaching Institute of the Year / Sports Institute of the Year (Regional / National)Honoring the best in coaching and tutoring business.
  • Sports CoachingSports coaching is a dynamic and multifaceted profession that involves guiding and training athletes or teams to achieve their full potential.
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