Mukul Rustagi
Co-Founder & CEO, Classplus

After completing his BTech from IIT Roorkee in 2013, Mukul joined Futures First as Financial Derivatives Analyst and worked there till September 2015. Just after quitting, Mukul and his co- founder, Bhaswat Agarwal decided to work in Edtech. Their first venture did not do well and was closed in 2017. In 2018, the duo started Classplus. Mukul’s steadfastness and commitment to the cause created a new category in the edtech segment, positioning Classplus as the category leader. The Noida-based startup empowers educators and content creators with their own app. It has witnessed remarkable growth in its educator and creator base, which grew 10x to over 100,000, serving an impressive 50+ million students. Over 10 million courses are sold annually by creators, with 75% of the educator base hailing from tier 2 cities and beyond. Mukul has a keen interest in predictive data analysis and working on consumer insights. At Classplus, he takes care of client acquisition, business synergies, and team building. Learning from mistakes and experiments, Mukul emphasises the importance of celebrating short-term goals to avoid burnout and maintain motivation. His vision is to empower tutors through technology and help them serve their students and parents in a more fulfilling manner. His philosophy in his personal life is that adaptable people win more than just the smart ones, as they have the humility to iterate. He prefers to be a learner for life. Additionally, he is a sneaker-head and loves reading Ruskin Bond books and travel guides.

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