Tarun Saini

Co-founder and CEO, Vidyakul

Meet Tarun Saini, Co-founder and CEO of Vidyakul, India’s only e-learning platform levelling the playing field for Bharat’s kids. As the driving force behind 'Bharat Ka Online School', Tarun’s background spans rural Haryana to the corridors of Australian education. From a small village to Australia and now back to his roots in Bharat, Tarun has closely seen the realities of both worlds and is now putting his decade of learnings to use, at Vidyakul.
A social changemaker, hustler, Tarun was born into a farming family in Haryana. Determined to gain a good education, his school years involved a daily journey of 40 kilometres to study in the nearest town, Ambala. As a student from a government hindi medium school, his experience left a lasting mark and imprinted on him two key learnings: the importance of an education and need of proper mentorship for financially marginalised students