Indian Education Show 2013

Mr. Vivek Agarwal
CEO, Liqvid

Mr. Vivek is the founder and CEO of Liqvid. The company derives its name from two words – ‘vid’ for ‘to know’ in Sanskrit and ‘liquidus’ for ‘fluid, flowing’ in Latin. The idea is to provide personalised learning that takes the shape of the learner.

Liqvid is focussed on providing English language learning solutions – English Edge – to individuals and organisations. Liqvid follows a unique technology based, blended learning methodology that leverages the power to technology to make learning scalable. The English Programs are offered on PCs, Tablets and Mobiles. Liqvid has more than 250,000 learners across schools, colleges, vocational institutes and corporate for this program and its customers include IIT Delhi, Jamia Milia, British Council and Educomp. Liqvid also has a tie-up with BBC Active.

Before starting Liqvid, Vivek had co-founded egurucool. eGurucool emerged as the pioneer in the field of elearning in India, combining a unique learning methodology and a huge infrastructure of technology and content creation processes. The Investors included Newscorp and IFC, Washington. eGurucool was subsequently sold to NIIT.

Vivek has done his MBA from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, where he was awarded the B C Roy memorial prize for organisational ability. He has been a regular feature in conferences and seminars in India and has also spoken in the UK and USA.

He has a passionate interest in education and is committed to exploring how technology can be used to make high quality education and training available to a very large number of people at a cost that they can afford and at a place they can reach.