Divya Gokulnath Co Founder, BYJU’S

Divya Gokulnath is the Co-Founder and Director at BYJU’S which is acknowledged as India’s most renowned Edtech firm. Since its inception, Divya’s focus has been to create unique and personalized learning experiences for students across various grades. She plays a major role in curating academic learning experiences and is one of the teachers on the learning app too. Apart from being on the board of BYJU'S, she leads a team of 800 individuals across content, user experience and brand marketing. Bringing the spirit of self-learning to the organisation, Divya encourages intrapreneurship for staying dynamic, deep learning and innovation. Winner of Business Today's Most Powerful Women 2019 award and LinkedIn Top Voices in Education (India and Global), Divya is a strong advocate of cherishing childlike curiosity. She believes that it is the curiosity and willingness to explore that can make better learners for a brighter tomorrow.