Brigadier (Dr) M Srinivasan (Retired)
Director Chandigarh Campus, NMIMS

Brigadier (Dr) M Srinivasan (Retired) has an illustrious Army Career spanning over three and half decades. He is an alumnus of National Defence Academy, Khadkvasala. Six promotions in a span of 27 years has provided him adequate opportunities to display leadership qualities, instructional abilities and professional acumen at different ascending levels of military hierarchy. His last appointment was as the Pro Vice Chancellor at DIT University, Dehradun. He has deep insight into the commitment, rules of business and the pivotal role that is to be played in the growth of a Higher Education Institution. He has been Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at College of Military Engineering and as Head of Department of Information Technology & Systems Approach at College of Defence Management Secunderabad. His PhD is on “Knowledge Management & Learning Organisation: A Symbiotic Relationship -Relevance & Importance in the Indian Army” from Symbiosis International Deemed University. His Professional Exposure in Academic & Administrative tenures exceeds 15 Years in Professor & Equivalent Appointment. He has extensive work experience in preparing an Academic Institution for the future, such as Phased implementation of NEP 2020 and imbibing Technology and Digital Education framework. He is committed to ensure Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics in Higher Education with definite focus on Quality Improvement Cycle by implementing Best Practices He keeps abreast on matters which Necessitate and Effect “Change” both in individuals and in organizations. He is a strong proponent of incorporating contemporary academic practices. Endeavours to promote ethical business, maintain the dignity & respect of human resources on campus. He has the will and the fortitude to honour the commitment and accomplish the Vision of our institution.

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