Sahil Sheth

Sahil Sheth
Founder, Lido Learning (Quality Tutorials Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr. Sahil Sheth is the founder and CEO behind the innovative Ed-Tech start up Lido Learning. After completing his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Economics from Duke University, USA, Sahil went on to work as an actuary at Towers Watson in Washington DC.

In 2011, while studying for his actuary exams online Sahil realised how effective e-learning platforms were in providing high quality content anywhere at any time. Sahil saw the opportunity to create a similar platform that could radically improve learning outcomes for students in India.

Inspired, Sahil moved back to India and set up Infinite Student in 2012. Infinite Student was an online platform that replaced textbooks with detailed video tutorials for the entire ICSE and CBSE syllabus. It was quickly adopted by premier schools across the country. Given its traction and the advanced tech platform, Infinite Student was acquired in 2015 by BYJU’s, the major player at that time in the offline education industry. As part of the acquisition, Sahil moved to Bangalore as VP of BYJU’s and along with others in the Infinite Student team helped with BYJU’s pivot into edtech with launch of the BYJU’s learning app.

After textbooks, the next frontier was tuitions and coaching classes that are eponymous with education in India. With the onset of high speed internet, tuitions could now be provided online. So in April 2019, Sahil decided to start Lido Learning (Quality Tutorials Pvt Ltd), an online immersive live tutoring platform for students ranging from Class 5-9. For the best learning experience, a student needs a rockstar teacher to guide them, interactive content to keep them engaged, and a personalized platform to improve results. Lido combines these three to create high achieving students who study smarter, not harder.

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