Conference Agenda

Day 1 - Feb 13, 2018
10:00 AM - 10:15 AM Welcome Note By : Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India Ltd.
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Inaugural Session: Building India as an EduEconomy by 2020
  • Finding the real purpose of Providing Education in our Economy and integrating educational system with our student's outcomes and employers needs.
  • How can we get education and the economy working together more effectively.
  • Turning the dream of Edueconomy into a reality.
Atishi Marlena, Leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, Advisor to the Deputy CM of Delhi Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, The All India Council for Technical Education, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development.
11:15 AM - 12:00 PM Session 1: Keynote: The Importance of Creating a Culture of Innovation Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Professor Ignacio Gafo, Associate Dean of Global & Executive MBA, IE Business School, Spain Mr. Aditya Berlia, Co-Promoter Apeejay Stya & Svrán Group
12:00 PM - 12:40 PM Session 2: Keynote: Learning Transformed: Designing Tomorrow's Schools, Today.
  • Innovation in education is often focused on internal change management, but the last five years have seen an explosion of new school models and the future promises to see even more schools built from scratch across the country.
  • Featuring school leaders who are building new schools.
  • Focusing on how new schools or programs can act responsibly and intentionally while taking advantage of the freedom to be responsive in such a rapidly changing educational system.
Allan Kjær Andersen, Founder, Orestad Gymnasium, Denmark Manchu Vishnu, An Indian Film Actor, Producer, Educationist, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur
12:40 PM - 13:00 PM Session 3: Keynote: Challenges Before The School Education System Amitabh Mattoo, CEO and Honorary Director- Australia India Institute ,Prof of International Relations - University of Melbourne
13:00 PM - 14:00 PM Session 4: Keynote : Higher Education - The Changing and Key Trends Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU) Prof.P.Srinivasan Ph.D., Associate Dean & Head of the Department , Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Ambrish K Singh, Executive Vice President,
15:00 PM - 15:45 PM Panel Session 5: Building Leadership and Innovation in K12 Education & Training
  • Changing the Light Bulb in K12 Education
  • The market drivers and outlook for international schools : Growth and partnership opportunities in the Indian market
  • The importance of school culture and how to grow a positive one
  • Innovation in education delivery.
  • How digital is your curriculum?
  • Managing professional capital – Maintaining the high calibre of skilled, qualified teachers and leaders
  • How to improve student outcomes whilst educating the whole child
  • Consumer Revenue Models for Delivering Learning Like "freemium" models, some to B2B models
  • Does Boarding Allows the Best Opportunity to Deliver a Blended Curriculum
Session Lead: Gowri Ishwaran, CEO, Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF) Raghav Podar, Chairman, Podar World Schools Jai Karan, Managing Director, Gitanjali Group of schools Col. Gopal Karunakaran , CEO, Shiv Nadar Schools Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD & CEO, Kalorex Group
15:45 PM - 16:00 PM Session 6: Our Children deserve the next Level of Safety-Standup for Child Safety: SkoolSmart Movement Srinivasa Rao Saripalli , Founder Managing Director, Energywin Technologies
16:00 PM - 16:15 PM Session 7: Skill Learning 3.0
  • Role of Accredited and Non Accredited Training in Skill Development
  • Leveraging Emerging Technologies in Skills Training
  • L&D (Learning & Development) v/s L&T (Learning & Teaching)
  • Targeting the Mature Age Learning: how employers can build pipelines of new employees via internships and other methods to up-skill their tea
Ajay Mishra, Deputy Director General, National Skill Development Agency(NSDA), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
16:15 PM - 16:35 PM Session 8: Setting Up a Indian schools in International Markets and vice-versa.
  • Taking Indian Schools outside India: A case for International Expansion
  • Building unique curriculum for Global Schools and yet maintaining the core of the Brand
  • Marketing strategy: Reaching out to the right target audience and
  • How is the international school market growing?
Amreesh Chandra, President, GEMS Education
16:35 PM - 17:00 PM Session 9: Critical need for incremental innovation in education… India's opportunity to mobilise policy and practice for rapid school improvement Dr Geoffrey Fisher, Head of Academy, Aga Khan Academy
17:00 PM - 17:30 PM Session 10: Philanthropy 2.0 for Empowering Education
  • Leave No Child Offline
  • Bringing World Class Partnerships to Small city and Rural Schools
Dr Jawahar Surisetti, Advisor to Government , TED Speaker , Smart City Consultant , Start Up Mentor , Psychologist , Bestselling Author, Speaking Tree Sonia Shrivastava , Head, Vodafone Foundation
19:00 PM Indian Education Awards
Day 2 - Feb 14, 2018
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM Session 1: Keynote: What are the mega-trends in the fourth Industrial Revolution?
  • What is current research telling us about how this would impact jobs of the future?
  • What are the skills we need to empower students with?
  • What might be some examples for how this can be done?
  • What does all this mean for schools?
Manit Jain, Co Founder, The Heritage Schools
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Panel Session 2: 2018 Higher Education Horizon and Employability
What is on the five-year horizon for higher education institutions? Which trends and technology developments will drive Higher education change?
  • It's about Getting a Job – Not a Degree : Building strong linkages among educators, employers, and entrepreneurs
  • Industry demands new models for Colleges : How to make it happen together
  • Innovative Business Curriculum that serves New age HE needs
  • Succession Planning in Higher Education: Developing Leaders (Dean/ Principals) to make schools future Ready
  • Getting the Best Result from your Innovation centre and Entrepreneur in-Campus
  • Institutionalizing the Use of Open Educational Resources: Strategies and Tactics
Session Lead: Professor Dinesh Singh, Vice Chancellor (2010-2015),University of Delhi Abu Imran, IAS, Director- Higher Education, Govt. of Jharkhand Syed Andaleeb, Vice Chancellor, BRAAC University, Bangladesh Arvind Chinchure, Chair Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Symbiosis University, Pune Debashis Chatterjee, Author/ Director General, International Management Institute Dr. Pratibha Jolly is Principal of Miranda House, Delhi of University
12:00 PM - 12:20 PM Session 3: Keynote: Reimagining Education - New Paradigms and New Perspective Prof. Christopher Abraham, Head Dubai Campus and Sr. Vice President (Institutional Development), S P Jain School of Global Management, Dubai.
12:20 PM - 13:00 PM Panel Session 4: The Funder's Dilemma
  • Funders question whether trade-offs between educational results and investment returns are required,
  • Are social outcomes and financial returns two sides of the same coin?
Session Lead: Sardul Seth, Partner, Ernst & Young, Advisory Services Sid Talwar, Co-founder and partner ,Lightbox Ruchira Shukla, Regional Lead, South Asia, Venture Capital - ‎IFC - International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
14:00 PM - 14:30 PM Panel Session 5: One Size does not fit all: How to Scale up Personalized Learning
1. We are rapidly moving in a world of personalized services and the old Tailor model of mass production is getting thrown out of the window. So why can't we have personalized learning as well. More importantly, given India’s need and correspondingly Indian Educational institutions need to scale up, how can we have personalized leaning at scale?
  • Effectively combining educators, educator-curated edtech& Student Needs
  • Learning with performance assessment Vs. State tests
  • How to integrate personalized employment pathways into a student's college experience.
2. How growth in institutions can come from capturing student data and employing automation strategies to enhance learning capabilities and improve student outcomes.
  • Modern Learning and Experiential Education : Meeting changing Student expectations as digital technology advances
Session Lead: Dr. Malini Eliatamby, Chief Academic Officer, INTI International University and Colleges, Malaysia Panelists: Amit Goyal,Country HeAD, edX, India Vikas Kakwani, Founder & CEO, AAS Visyalaya (Anytime Anywhere School)
14:30 PM - 15:00 PM Panel Session 6: Mentoring & Coaching :The Changing times of Tutoring Industry Session Lead: Vibhu, Co-founder, Gradeup Amrit Singh Chopra, Founder, Unique Shiksha. Piyush Agarwal – CEO and Co-founder, SuperProfs (Aurus Network)
15:00 PM - 15:25 PM Session 7: EdTech that Delivers in the Classroom Why Diversity is essential in edtech organizations?
  • Do Education change agents don't acknowledge the drawbacks of current design thinking instruction?
  • Understanding why there is lack of confidence about teaching "Digital Literacy" in the classroom.
  • How can Edtech industry and education authorities work collaboratively to simplify Digital education ?
Mario Fishery, Director Technology Support, American School of Bombay Dr. Avinash Panwar, Director - Centre for Electronic Governance, Technical Education Department , Govt. of Rajasthan.
15:25 PM - 16:00 PM Panel session 8: Play It Forward: Sports & School Education
  • What happens when the larger than life world of sports collides with School education?
  • Is it possible to merge two billion-dollar industries for the greater good?
  • How Indian and global sports brands are investing in our student's futures through innovative partnerships to grow sports and increase access to quality education at the same time.
Session Lead: Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in- chief, Franchise India Kavita C. Das, Principal, St. John's High School, Chandigarh Dhirendra Singh, Principal, Sehwag International School
16:00 PM - 16:30 PM Session 9: Making the Classroom Never-Ending with Edu-Tubers

This session will bring Youtubers, "Edutubers", or "Edutainment" content creators, to share their tutorial knowledge and outcomes. This will be a time to form connections with other creators, potentially brainstorm collaborations, and to get to know the broader scope of online educational video creators. Arun Kumar, Founder, Arunz Creation, Youtube Channel Dr Praveen Choudhary, Blogger and Youtuber