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Indian Education Partners
7 - 8 Feb, 2017JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi
Education India 2017
7th National Convention & Awards on
Business of Education


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Our Speakers

Dr. Palani Rathinam, Chief Executive Officer - Akara Education
& Chairman - Akara Foundation

Dr. Palani Rathinam, CEO, Akara Education and Chairman, Akara Foundation started his career as a teacher in Chennai Loyola College in 1980s, from where he had graduated earlier. Having been awarded the Gold Medal for his University Rank in Masters and subsequently the 'Best Dissertation Award' for his Ph.D Thesis on American Poetry, Dr. Palani specialised in stylistics and interpreting deviant use of language in literature. His vast experience of over three decades as an educator and educator-trainer at all levels in K-17 has made him versatile and resourceful in finding and fixing gaps in learning.

Dr. Palani turned an edupreneur in K-12 in early 90s and has established and successfully operated more than half-a-dozen schools, including those that offered International Programs.

It is this awareness of design & delivery of the current K-12 system that compelled him to introduce innovative learning models and tools called 'Palms' & 'Edges'.


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